I will start my story from when I was just four years old. I was an incredibly quiet, shy little girl. I grew up in a very strict Orthodox Christian home. We spent a lot of time at church. My mother was a sweet, humble, faithful woman of God. There was a so much abuse in the home. The females in the home suffered the most. We would go to church and then come home and be physically, mentally and emotionally abused. It was horrible. I knew at four years old I had to leave home. I remember packing my little suitcase at four years old and leaving my house. I started walking up our shell driveway to the long road in front of our house. We lived in the country with a lot of land, so it was not a short distance. I had made up my mind I was leaving. Now how does a four-year-old know enough to say, “I have had enough, I’m leaving?” I like to think I was going to look for my real Father, my Heavenly Father. I can tell you this, I know now that Jesus was holding my hand walking with me. My walk with Jesus had started at four years old, I just didn’t know it. The thoughts of a child only know how to love and what is good. They only know what was put in them by the Heavenly Father. They know how to LOVE. They know how to see the best in people and in situations and when they do not see love they do not comprehend it. We are all created in God’s image and a child sees through the Fathers eyes. I will tell you this, if we all could see through a child’s eyes, we would love like the father loves. I need to state that loving like a child is not easy. It is a walk, a walk of forgiveness towards yourself and others. This journey we are on is about love, forgiveness, and winning souls. Have you ever been angry at someone and thought of them when they were a child? Did you stop and think this person hurting me used to be an innocent child? The Lord told me to try it, he told me you will be amazed at how quickly you will forgive them. When we look through the merciful eyes of the Father we are looking with love and forgiveness. We have an understanding that the person hurting us must have been hurt by someone. Instead of holding onto the resentment, hating them, being bitter, and having non forgiveness in our heart, we let go and give it all to the Lord. We forgive them. We release them and free ourselves in Jesus’ name. Yes, I am going somewhere with this story. My walk with the Lord has not been easy and I think it is important to write that I am still learning to let go of things that people do and say against my family. Walking with the Lord is full of lessons and instructions along the way. I am honored to be walking with Jesus, he is my everything. After my mother passed away from cancer at the early age of thirty-eight. I went into the US Military. I was overseas and grieving over the loss of my mother. There was a war waging inside and outside of me. I was grieving the loss of my beautiful young mother and running from a painful, abusive childhood. Little did I know that my childhood was just a warmup for what the Lord had called me to do. My training for Gods Army had begun as a young girl. Everything I had gone through as a child, everything I would go through in the Military, as a young woman, the Lord would turn everything around in my life and use it for his Glory. The Father had marked me for greatness. He began making a soldier out of me as a little girl. Hallelujah!!!The time I spent in the Military taught me one especially important thing. It taught me that I could only put all my trust in the Lord not in man. The world had literally molded me into a fighter. The innocent little girl was gone. How ironic, Jesus was about to take all my pain, all of the fight in me and use it to destroy darkness, the same place he found me in. One day the Lord reached down and pulled my spirit out of my body and took me to Heaven and said “WALK WITH ME.” He told me I was a Prophet to the Nations and explained the office to me. He anointed me and poured oil over my head. We have been walking together since that day🙂  I am a Servant of the Lord, and I am here to serve you. I am encouraging you today and telling you if your life has been a continuous battle you are Marked for Greatness! Do not give up! Life is a training ground! The Lord will take all your battle wounds and turn you into his Masterpiece!!! If the Lord can take a shattered person like I was, heal me and change my story, then he will do it for you. Stay tuned to my Blog where I will continue sharing my story. My book will be coming out at the appointed time set by the Lord. I will keep you updated of its release. Stay Strong in the Lord. Blessings from my heart to yours. I am here for you.  


I love you,  


 Prophet Shoshana Rubin 

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