It was Friday November 25, 2022. interestingly enough it was the first day of Kislev 5783. this is very symbolic to me as it is the month of Hanukkah, which represents “the light of the world, Jesus Christ.” I was wondering what to write about and the Holy Spirit said, “we will write about the name I have given you and you’re training.”

You are my precious Shoshana said the Lord. So immediately I searched for the Hebrew meaning of the name. I was so excited to see the name meant lily or rose. You see this is very special to me and the Father because of my love for lilies, roses, and all types of beautiful flowers. There are so many special things between Abba and I regarding flowers. I embraced this new name with all of my heart. I knew that my life would never be the same. I knew I had just stepped into my destiny given to me by The Father. 

I can tell you as I think on that day, I felt different, almost like a renewing, a refreshing, a kiss from the Father. Most importantly, the Lord confirmed the way I was feeling and told me I was entering into my destiny, my calling, what He had created me to do. Hallelujah!!! The few of years prior to this have been the toughest years of my life. I know now it was my heavenly training, preparation for my calling as a prophet to the nations. Let me tell you what I went through was no joke. Being a military veteran, I can say from experience that spiritual boot camp is by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through. 

I learned to trust the Father no matter what it looked like, felt like, or sounded like. which brings me to the topic of Spiritual war. I was up all-night warring against demons between 12:00 am until sunrise, this went on for several years. I experienced amazing supernatural encounters which I will tell about in my book coming out this year. What I am certain of is Jesus was right there fighting for me, comforting me, and telling me to just trust him. The Lord was literally teaching me how to fight in the spirit. He taught me “the warrior’s dance of the bride.” as I would dance and worship him, while playing my spiritual harp the demons were being destroyed. Because of my spiritual senses being raised to a divine level, what I was seeing, hearing, feeling and sometimes smelling was like nothing you can imagine. 

The training and knowledge I received came directly from the Lord. Trust me when I tell you “I truly learned to trust the Lord with all of my heart.” many times, the demons tried to take my life, but Jesus was with me, protecting me. Hallelujah!!! I do not dwell on the Spiritual warfare I went through; I received hands-on personal training from the mighty commander himself, the King of kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

I will continue to walk hand and hand with Jesus, listening intently to Him, obeying His instructions, and trusting in Him with all of my heart no matter what happens. “without trust, love and obedience there is n relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

 Blessings from my heart to yours, 

– Shoshana Rubin



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