There are three Angels standing around me right now as I write this to you. 

My first encounters with Angels started in 2016. This would be the beginning of my spiritual eyes being opened. It is so vivid in my mind. My eyes began to water and burn for two weeks straight. I could barely open them. Once the burning stopped and I was finally able to open my eyes I could see in the spiritual whelm. I could see Angels lined up in my house as well as demons attached to people and structures. Then I began hearing the Angels talking. I still did not realize what was happening to me, but I knew I was safe. This was when the Lord began to speak to me and teach me about the spiritual gifts, he had given me. I had no idea it was going to take me years to gain an understanding of what these gifts were and how to operate in them. This was so amazing to me and intimidating at times. I could see angels flying through my ceiling. Angels walking through traffic, on top of cars, on top of houses and buildings. Angels, some at least 25-to-30-foot-tall walking over to me, bending down and introducing themselves to me Walking into schools and of course, I cannot forget the LION walking around in my house. I have no words for that one. Huge Angels flying in the sky, carrying airplanes. It was seriously like I was at an airshow when I was outside and still is to this day. I love watching the beauty and magnificence of the Angels of The Lord. To this day I am in awe of how much the Angels do for us. They truly are AMAZING!!! THEY ARE MY FRIENDS. 

The Lord began explaining what was happening to me. I could hear his voice crystal clear; it was audible to me. The Lord had given me a precious gift The Divine Connection.” The ability to hear him audibly. I am thankful to the Lord for his Mercy, Love and Grace towards me and upon my life. Fast forwarding to today, my spiritual eyes is continually open and have been for seven years. What do I mean by continually? It means I see in the spirit 24/7 not just off and on. The same goes for hearing in the spirit, it is also 24/7 The angels that surround me are my friends. We talk throughout the day. They guide me, encourage me, protect me and even worship the Lord with me. I work with the Angels to further The Kingdom of God and you can too.  Remember everything is alive and speaking in the spiritual whelm. Do not be afraid. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and show you how you too can work with the Angels of the Lord to further the Kingdom of God. Get Ready to be AMAZED because we serve an AMAZING MIGHTY GOD!!! I asked the Lord to allow our home surveillance to capture an angel in my home so I would have proof to the naysayers, and he answered me. Attached to this blog is a picture taken of an angel standing in our family room captured on our 16-camera home surveillance system in December 2017. Please share this blog and photo with everyone you can. Let’s give the Lord all of the Praise and Glory he deserves. Thank You Jesus, you are my EVERYTHING!!! 

Much Love and Blessings in the Precious name of JESUS, 


Prophet Shoshana Rubin 

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